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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There's hope for spring!

Good Morning everyone!
These are for my friends that are either under snow or having more rain than they want or need right now!

These are my chocolate cymbidiums that are beginning to bloom in my backyard! For me Chocolate can fix just about anything, in any form! tehe...
But I just wanted you to know that Spring is coming! And when it finally gets here it will be beautiful!
Cymbidiums typically bloom in the winter, but they remind me of Easter and Spring.

We have rain coming in tonight and on and off for the rest of the week and weekend...S0000 it looks like it will be another good weekend for stamping!

I did find a lizard catching a few rays of sun on our roof this morning, took a picture but he is kind of hard to see...if you enlarge it you can see him...trying to soak it in before the sun disappears again!(He is right on the corner on that end tile)
Take care, stay warm and keep stamping!
As my friend Cat says "It will keep you healthy!"




  1. They're beautiful. I'm jealous...we're in for another 20" of snow!

  2. Wow - what a wonderful picture and the little taste of springtime. I could use a heavy dose of that right about's about 18 degrees outside. I'm sure it's a bit warmer where you are!