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My {ippity} Store!

 Clearing out remainder of my {ippity} stock! Now 50% OFF MSRP!!! (plus shipping)  (  Update December 3rd 2015)

{ippity} Stamps are made by the one and only Unity Stamp Company!
These are the stamp sets that I still have available to purchase directly from me.
I use Paypal for all orders, all you need to do is send me an e-mail with your choices and I will invoice you thru them. ALL of the stamp sets below are being offered at 50% off the MSRP when you place your order with me!

In most cases I only have one available of each of the items listed, so there earlier you let me know the better your chances are! ;)  I will try my best to keep everything update as the sets sell out.

I ship through the USPS and shipping charges will be exactly what it will cost me. I will e-mail you the amount after I have weighed your order. If your order fills a Flat rate shipping box then it would be $5.95, if not and it fits into a smaller mailing envelope then it will be less. :D

So take a look below at all of the wonderful kits and singles! Tell your friends, spread the word!! :D
When you have made your selection, e-mail me, I will send you an invoice through PayPal. You do not have to have an account with PayPal to use this service, and all transactions are secure and insured.
Thank you for looking!

April 2012 Release:

 msrp: 6.50
30% = $4.55

MARCH 2012 Release:
 msrp: $6.50

msrp: $6.50

February 2012 Release:

30% off price of those in the February 2012 group in $4.55 

Friendship Rainbow: Msrp:6.50$

My Kitchen to Yours: Msrp: 6.50$

Prego - Good Luck: Msrp: 6.50$
January 2012 Release:

Each itty bitty msrp: $6.50
30% off price = $4.55

August 2011 Releases!

                                                   Loads of Love!:  6.50$ msrp 30% off price is $4.55


                                                       Thankful for You: 6.50$

{Shine, shine, shine} msrp: 18.50
30% off = $12.95



New Season New Wonder 18.50$
30% off price = $12.95

Friends + Flowers = Priceless  18.50$

The Best  25.50$
30% off price = $17.85


IPK-140 Sing a New Song: $18.50
30% off price = $12.95

The sentiment on this card is from "Regal Greetings", the Music sheet on the individual panels is from "Music of my Heart"!

IPK-142 Cuppy Cakes : $12.50
30% off = $8.75

 IPK-141 Party Hat Wishes : $18.50
30% off = $12.95 

IPK-145 Farm Fresh :$24.50
30% off = $17.15

IPK-146 Here and Now :$24.50        This was my Husbands Anniversary card!
This card measures 5 1/2"x4 1/2"

IPK-143 How YOU Doin' : $18.50

IPS-147 Gurnsey Gingham : $6.50


 IPS-127 Thoughts from the Past: 6.50$

IPK-134 Quotes a'la HAPPY :$24.50


IPK-132 Authentic Man:$18.50


IPK-117 Now & Always : $24.50

                                          WINTER RELEASE 2009:  Sets are still available!

IPK-111 Regal Greetings:$24.50
30% off = $17.15

IPK-112 Moon Beams & Heart Strings:$24.50

IPK-113 Music of My Heart:$24.50 
30% off = $17.15


IPK-104 Just Wanted To Say:$18.50
30% off = $12.95