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Monday, February 25, 2013

What would you use Viewtainers for? LOL

Hi Everyone!

Well today I have a little different kind of post! haha!

I don't know if any of you have seen or use Veiwtainers for organizing your craft spaces or your Honey's (or yours for that matter ;)  ) garages. Or even your Children's toy area?

Well Viewtainer would like to know how you use them, or what you would use them for!
If you leave a comment on their facebook page, or post pictures of them in action in your space you could win a 3 pack of them! How nice would that be?! :D

So here are some pictures of how I use mine,...:D

I can sort my buttons by color. :) And these have tops that are slit so you can just squeeze the top and pour out the buttons! Easy!

They come in tall ones to store my Washi Tapes ;)
And my twines, by color family! :D

 Look at the pretty light blue and yellow! Perfect for my paint brushes! haha

AND they have sizes that are perfect for my Pitt Artist Pens and jars of india ink. As well as tall ones for jars of paint.

And if you have drafting pages or plans for a house they fit perfectly into one of the specialty sizes! haha! These are plans that my Daughter made while she was taking drafting and Architecture classes in high school and college, I couldn't part with them! LOL
These are some that I still need to sort buttons for and the raspberry color is going to have my gellatos stored in it, until I have enough of them that I can get the different colors and then store them by color coordinated cap as well. tehe!

Well I know this seems like a crazy post for me, but I really love these containers! They are really helping me to get organized and to stay neat while crafting....AND the biggest thing is that I can find stuff again! HaHa!!!
These are great for the garage as well, I plan to start ordering them, or you can find them at Home Depot, just not in as many pretty colors! I guess the guys don't want to store their nails, and bolts etc in Raspberry and pink containers! How boring! LOL
Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. Mary, I think you are the most organized crafter I know! You have given me "out-of-the- box" ideas for storage of (for instance) my paint brushes!!